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Quantity Scanning:

Pictures of SlidesWe scan our slides in a standard Kodak carousel.
Slides already placed into a carousel and Correct facing will be the least expensive pricing.
Files are numbered in ascending order starting with #1.
No Special File Names.
Our equipment only shoots horizontally.
Slides placed in the carousel horizontally and vertically will have a higher price.
We will not place the files back vertically.
All files are .jpg
In order to qualify for our bulk scanning pricing, your slides must be able to go through our scanner.
Slides must be in 2x2 mounts.
The mounts must be in good shape.
Each image is rotated to be viewed on screen right off of the CD that we provide.
We look at each image and make basic exposure and color corrections.
All square films that are mounted in 2x2 mounts will also scan, they will just have large borders on the horizontal side.

Additional Information

Feel free to email for special quotes!
Any slide not able to go through our quantity scanner be manually digitized in the $3.50-$9.00 per print price range.

Pictures of SlidePrices are per slide:
Remember that trays can be 80 or 140's!
The lowest price in bulk slide scanning
is .75 per slide.
Please talk to us with your special needs. We won't bump the price up like a used car salesman just because you ask for something. It's all in the ease of each request and how it fits into our equipment possibilities and the time allotted for your project!

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