Copy, Restore & Preserve

your negatives

Negative Scans

  • Color Negatives
  • Black and White Negatives
  • Color Slides in strips
  • 35mm. 120. 4x5 and larger films can be scanned.

Included With Each Negative Scan:

  • Dust and Scratch Removal..
  • Cropping to the edge of the image to remove borders
  • Color Slides in strips
  • Rotating the image to the proper orientation.
  • Image-By-Image correcting of exposure problems where possible.
  • Image-By-Image correcting of color problems where possible.

Moisture, Torn, rough edges, Bent edges, Severe Curling

  • All negatives that have these issues can not go through our bulk scanners and must be scanned manually.
  • Negatives with scratches or embedded debris will be scanned and burned to the cd. Unless it is discussed beforehand, no additional work will be preformed.
  • Please see restoration pricing as a guideline.
A custom quote will be giving before the work is started WE WILL ALWAYS QUOTE THE COST BEFORE beginning any work.

Picts of Color Negatives     Picts of B&W Negatives      Picts of Negatives
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